Our practice has a recall system for health promotion, prevention and assisting the management of chronic disease. Please advise the receptionist if you wish to have your name removed from this program.

Due to the rising cost and slower delivery service of posting letters, we have found a way to get these reminders and recalls out to our patients in a timely and effective manner with HotDoc.

You can now receive a HotDoc SMART recall/reminder SMS directly to your mobile that contains a link to the recall you are due to receive.
This link will require you to verify your identity before you can receive the medical information contained in the recall.
Some recalls/reminders will also give you the option to utilise our online appointment booking system.
To ensure you can use this service, please advise the receptionist of any change in contact details, especially mobile phone numbers.
For instructions on how to do this please follow the link: https://vimeo.com/225946657

If your doctor sends you for routine tests, ideally an appointment should be made with your doctor to discuss all test results. If your test gives an abnormal result, one of our staff members will contact you for an appointment. Please note that it is practice policy that test results will not be given out over the phone.